thoughts for the new year…

The Hubby and I wrapped 2009 in a box somewhere and then promptly went to bed. Ringing in the New Year was a tad bit depressing and it showed in our NYE plans. Which were none by the way, if you were wondering.

Overall we had a very blessed year in 2009, but we can’t help but focus on the obvious void. And I have vowed that this is the very last time that shit will be mentioned here, because I hate dwelling. Which is what we’re doing. So that disappointment? Also packed in a box and shoved in a corner somewhere. I’d have to say it was great timing moving at the end of the year because we just threw things out or just packed them off to the never-never land called storage.

So with 2009 behind us, we’ve made some resolutions for 2010. I’m thinking to keep a quarterly check just to keep us honest (but we’ll see how that works out, eh?):

  1. Save money. Saving is the name of the game. We have a great opportunity for the first half of this year to squirrel away as much money as we can. So save save save.
  2. Do something interesting every month. We’ve been stagnant for far too long just waiting for things to happen. So with one interesting activity planned every month we can still keep on track with Item 1 and not be bored to death.
  3. Figure out what the heck to do about our living situation. An oldie but a goldie. Move, stay. Buy, rent. Whatever. Just figure it out and go.
  4. Learn to fish. Who knew fishing would make it onto our list? I didn’t.
  5. Become more active. Some how, some way, just bring it back into our lives by playing tennis, joining a sports team, yoga, something. Baby steps to healthy living.
  6. Balance the work/life scale. 2009 was totally about work. 2010 needs to be less otherwise I’ll burn out.

That’s about it for now.  We’ll see if we make the grade in December, 2010.

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