the 2010 january event

One month down, eleven more to go. These events were a great idea and I’m thinking of keeping this on-going until I get tired of the planning. We’ll see how we finish out the year before going through Round 2 in 2011.

So for January, we planned a trip to the Mutter Museum. Informative and creepy, I recommend a trip out if you’re interested in a walk through the disturbingly amazing things the human body can do. If medical abnormalities are not your thing, you may want a trip to the Please Touch Museum instead.

Although not planned for our interesting event, we ended the night with friends at the Tattooed Mom. Good food, great atmosphere, but don’t forget your sharpies. Or at this point, your white out pen to stand out from the crowd. Follow our footprints to fun thanks to the great T.

And just as an ending note, remember never to spill Orange Fanta on your carpets. It’s a bitch to clean up at 2 in the morning.

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