one of these things…

With our February event already planned and tucked away, I’ve spent what little time I have between work and sleep this week pondering what to do for the remainder of the year. So all in all about twenty minutes. Maybe I’ll be generous and give it thirty. There was that one day I took a five minute break at work to daydream… but I digress.

Planning these outings are not hard at all. There’s a litany of things we’ve always wanted to do, but never quite made the time to actually do them. So finding events, check. Then I start to bring a budget into that equation and, ‘Aw hell,’ seems to slip out of my mouth a lot. Add the stress of group travel and *poof* the year just got much longer.

Our first outing was short and sweet, one small museum jaunt to get our feet wet. We figured it was a great way for us to get out without breaking the bank right after the holidays. But the question came up, should we include others on our mission for 2010? Or be selfish and keep it all to ourselves, coming out the too-cool-for-school crew in 2010? In the end, the adage, ‘The more the merrier won,’ out and the invitations were sent. But group dynamics can be a funny thing. Much like the fundamental rule in chem lab, you have to always be aware of what you’re mixing. If a drop of the wrong agent gets into your compound, beware! Your eyebrows may be gone.

And so it went with our group. I think I may have lost an eyebrow somewhere when the dust settled. For groups, the best thing is to have like and like alike. Yea, you’re an individual and yea, you’re special and blah blah blah, but if you play the ‘One of These Things,’ game and you’re it?  Ummm, yeah.

There was nothing wrong with our group per se. But all the pieces just didn’t seem to fit. In all honesty, this could just be a simple side affect of everyone meeting for the first time. The Hubby and I were the connectors so we knew everyone and they only knew us.

So my take on group travel? The more the merrier yes, but it’s quite a downer if someone refuses to go as far as the rest. Groups mean majority rules so travelers beware and think twice! The timid should not go out white water rafting and the adventurous folks should not go antiquing and be surprised that it’s not what you like doing.

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