stay put

The current and only perk of my current job? The opportunity to travel. I’ll be flying through these open blue skies to places like China and India over the next few months. Although I wish I could squish in more, the job only requires three major jaunts. I’m hoping that they’ll soon consider me for more so I can kill two birds with one stone and all. But we’ll see.

The travel from the last quarter alone has already boosted my frequent flyer status to the next level. And by June, I should be at the walk on water stage. Yippee! So maybe I have two perks to my hectic job.

First stop? India. I’ll be traveling alone so The Hubby has directed me to do the following:

  1. Stay in the hotel;
  2. Don’t go anywhere, stay in the hotel;
  3. Wanna go shopping? Hop online and Stay In the Hotel;
  4. Wanna go on a tour? Walk around the lobby in the hotel; and finally…

Apparently, I can stay in the hotel. Go figure.

I wonder if he’ll pay for all my visits to the spa, in the hotel?

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