stupid Mondays are bad for the wallet…

I woke up this morning with ideas of grandeur and taking the higher road. I would be pleasant. I would be patient. I would be wise and nurturing. I would be the best busy-bee worker of all time and make my company proud.

And then 9:30am rolled around and I wanted to kill all the stupid, arrogantly impatient people of the world. Which is approximately 99.9% of the world. This would be very bad for the company. Because we would no longer have any clients. Because we would no longer make any money. Thus making me the worst worker of all time and get the bad dog finger wag in my face. But no rolled magazine smack because I’m just too cute.

So, as in all times of desperation and dire need, I turn to travel. More specifically, I’ve now committed myself to rallying and gathering all able bodied friends for a week long trek of skiing and snowboarding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in January, 2011.

Go me.


Take that stupid Monday.

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