Saehae bok mani badeuseyo!

Happy Lunar New Year! For the Chinese, it is the year of the Tiger. Rawr.

Traditional Korean Drum

It’s been ages since my family celebrated Seollal. But we’ll all be together again to bring in the new year tomorrow. As I type these words, my mother is in the kitchen preparing massive amounts of food for the celebration tomorrow. We will all be gluttons with ten extra pounds by the end of the day. She’s making enough to feed an army.

Sometimes it amazes me that we still continue to mark time with both the Gregorian Calendar as well as the Lunar. My father is the only immediate family member that we track birthdays through the lunar calendar. My father’s side of the family still marks time through the lunar calendar while my mother’s side of the family follows the western calendar. I’m not sure how deep this divide may still be in South Korea, but I know the big Lunar based holidays (New Year’s and the Fall Harvest) will never disappear.

So play the drums, eat lots of tteokguk, get your sebaetdon and enjoy this time with your family. I know I will.

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