weary bones

My eyes say it all. If you’d take a good look at me today, weary and tired eyes would blankly blink back at you. Sagging bags, lines of red around the iris, puffy lids with lines of worry. Yes that’s my face, a picture of perfect health, if ones health was measured by stress, merrily skipping through the fiery rings of hell. An all expense paid trip courtesy of the job.

I’ve really come to dislike work. And this is more than your usual run of the mill, I-hate-work, talk. I’m close to using that hate word and that’s a very bad place to be. The only shinning light at this point is the opportunity to travel. But I’m hoping that light at the end of the tunnel is not a train. Which, with the current state of affairs, would not surprise me at all.

But away with all this depressive talk. Let’s focus instead on my next trip. I-N-D-I-A, here I come! At least, if your Consulate is kind enough to grace me with a visa. And on the topic of visas, who knew business visas to any country could be so expensive? Travel for business is a lucrative industry, especially if you’re on the receiving end of one these high traffic hubs.

Although there will be loads of work on this trip, I’m hoping that I’ll have time to make it out to at least some of the bazaars that the city is famous for and Elephanta Island. But venturing out into the city may be just a tiny bit problematic, what with the stay put edict The Hubby gave me a couple weeks ago. But hopefully I’ll be able to rope some fellow vendors out with me and see some of the town.

Keep your fingers crossed because if I have to stay in the hotel during my entire week stay in India, I will not come back a happy camper.

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