the February 2010 event

So our February event in our 2010 Series was a trip up to Easton, PA, to see Jim Gaffigan. Although we tried to get some of our friends to join, it ended just being Hubby, Asterisk and Turtle.

Yes, our little Turtle ventured out on this little excursion into the cold, very un-tropical-like weather to keep us lonely humans company. Snow and turtles do not mix so he was bundled appropriately with a scarf and blanket. We couldn’t find his hat but I hope he can forgive us for that.

The trip up to Easton from Philadelphia was scenic and lovely. Too bad I was driving and The Hubby had no inclination to take pictures of the snow covered Delaware River along side Route 611. If you ever travel north of Philadelphia, I would recommend a drive along this scenic byway in my home state of Pennsylvania. The drive around here, especially during Autumn, would be a splendid stretch of asphalt because it has scenic terrain during all seasons so long as the roads are clear.

Once in Easton, we had an early dinner at Porter’s Pub which was hearty and delicious. The Hubby had the Gorgonzola Stuffed Filet Mignon, medium rare, while I had the Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf. I can’t attest to the Mignon because I won’t eat slabs of beef unless it’s well done (yes, scream ‘Sacrilege!’ all you like, I still won’t eat it), but by the look of content, I’d say it was pretty yummy. This was by far the best food we’ve had in Easton thus far.

Afterwards, we walked back down to Easton’s State Theatre for the show. We’ve been to the State Theatre a couple times of times and its a gorgeous space. With an impressive amphitheater, dazzling chandelier and surprisingly comfortable seats, shows here have a perfect backdrop.

All in all, Easton has treated us very well and rejuvenated us for the month of February. It’s given us yummy food and fun times. We’re moving right along our 2010 journey and still trying to sort out March. My trip to India is throwing us off a bit, but we’ll sort it out. See you next month!

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