China, here we come…

Although the dates have not been finalized, it looks like I’ll be traveling to China in a couple of months. Exciting? Yes. Calming? Absolutely not. As soon China was finalized with work, we starting discussing if he should tag along.

To go or not to go? The traveler’s eternal question that really only has one answer: Yes.

Of course, the answer is not always the problem. It’s the how?

Over the past few weeks, we (meaning I) have been frantically trying to price out the cost of taking another impromptu trip, rationalizing spending that much money, again, and then trying to piece together everything we want to see against the meager budget we have to work with on such short notice.  And with such a short turnaround time to work with, it’s making me nervous. Although I have a date range of when I should expect to go, I don’t receive confirmation of my dates or flight until approximately six weeks prior to the trip.

Six weeks? The thought of buying The Hubby’s plane tickets any later than now is making me queasy. Or maybe I’m just blowing the price all out of proportion in my head, but either way it’s just not pretty. I’ve tried to monitor the prices over the course of the last 3 weeks and prices have already gone up about $200. Just thinking about waiting another month at least is making my blood pressure spike.


But the The Hubby wants to go and when else will we get the opportunity to travel with essentially a $1500 discount with my airfare being covered (and in actuality it would be probably double that since the company will fly me Business, but who’s counting)? We may have to defer to a travel agent to make our arrangements again. We used Liberty Travel to help us with our last minute plans to Amsterdam and our agent was able to undercut the estimate I gave her from all the deals found on the web. Cha-ching! It gave us about $250 extra to spend while in Amsterdam.

Maybe she’ll be able to work her magic again for us.

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