faith, restored (aka my trip to Beijing)

After traveling to Mumbai, I began to question my quest for travel. I admit it, I began to doubt myself. Doubt my own ability to travel. Compartmentalize my life for a few days to view the horizon beyond my life. Paradoxical in it’s very nature, so it was just up my ally. But what if the view didn’t broaden, but instead darken?

This, in a nutshell (and by the way, a nutshell I’ve been trying to summarize for three months but just found the words) was the question my Mumbai trip left me with in the end. The trip to Mumbai was difficult for a number of reasons. The post about the trip is still half written on my desktop, going nowhere fast. Eventually, some words will finally spew forth for some one’s reading torture pleasure at some point.

But I digress.

So after India, I found myself in a dark place. And not the angst ridden place of teenage years past where it would fuel a frenzy of creativity. A driving force, pushing me to produce something. No, instead, I get good sweet ‘ole Blocky.  It just mutes me. Crickets I tell you. And then my computer dies. And then my work erupts into a chaotic supernova. Which is then capped off by the volcanic ash of Iceland.

Awesome plumes of ash cascading over the skies, halting everything in its way. Now that I stop to think about it, what a perfect metaphor to my life at that exact moment. I’ll have to remember to keep that one. That’s right, I’m earth friendly here. I recycle. I’m green. Ah-hem.

So moving right along to June, I find myself dreading my next business trip. Turmoil in Asia doesn’t help much either. But what’s life without a little adventure? So off I go. First pick-me-up? Flying Continental Business with Flat Bed seats. Oh so delicious, making my 13+ hour flight just that much nicer. Second perk, staying at the Ritz Carlton Beijing. Point 1 to business travel, well on its way to spoiling me rotten for life.

But in all honesty, just crossing paths with this guy made the whole trip worthwhile:

Grumpy Old Man

This was the guardian of the ancients, as I so aptly dubbed him in my head. He set his post at the entrance to the Great Wall to keep a careful eye on all who dared to cross. He guided the lost and imparted great words of unintelligible wisdom to all. While smoking a ridiculous amount of hash in that over zealous pipe of his. This man, with his gap-toothed smile and extremely bright hue of orange, made me realize the oh so wondrous opportunities of travel.

Well, that and the toboggan ride down after we finished the wall just rocked:

Nothing beats a toboggan

I would fly back right now just for one more ride!

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