13 days

And so it begins! Our Builder has accepted our bid. If all goes well, we could be homeowners by the end of September. The only thing standing between us and the finish line is the mortgage. We start the process on Wednesday, but I feel like I’ve been pulling our financial history forever already. From recent stories from friends, family and colleagues, I’m not quite looking forward to the process. Although I will have to say our mortgage specialist so far has made everything as smooth as possible.

But we haven’t even started the heavy lifting yet.

Turning thirty and making these big girl decisions is not all that its cracked up to be.

For those of you aspiring the same insanity, I caution you to take your time. We moved from thinking about buying a house to a scheduled Settlement date in less than a month’s time. Actually, if my calculations are correct, it was exactly 13 days.

13 days. Christ, I’ve thought about eating a slice of cheesecake for a longer amount of time. You’d think taking on a 30-year mortgage would warrant a bit more time, especially in today’s market, but off we go. Merrily into the afternoon.  That sunset ride will come after the mortgage is in place.

So take heed. Do not rush headlong, blindly in the dark, as The Hubby and I are doing right now. Because that nagging feeling in the back of your mind, like I’ve left the toaster on or the door unlocked, will pretty much haunt you until you hit the finish line.

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