the March 2010 event

It being July, I thought it would be a great time to bring back the oh so frigid month of March to cool us down a bit. I’m quite behind on these monthly excursion reviews but out they’ll come. Eventually.

But back to those cold, dark and hectic days of March. With us sorting ‘The Basement’ phase of our lives and prepping to travel to Mumbai for a week, it did not leave us much time to plan, produce or execute anything extravagant. March was a mellow depressive month here, especially when The Hubby and I went round-robin a couple of times with a nasty cold.

Even through all the Debbie-downer mood swings, we kicked ourselves in the arse and did what any depressive personalities would do… we turned to food. Yes, yummy delicious comfort food was our theme for the March 2010 event. A bit of a cheat, yes I know good readers. But good food and great friends are sometimes the best stationary travel you can do.

So the eats? One takes a long drive to the country while the other is a local haunt just discovered. Both were first time visits for The Hubby and I in March and we’ve already returned for round two which merits a thumbs up in my book.

Plain & Fancy Farm

Friends of ours introduced this gem to us a few months ago. Out we go on a leisurely ride to Lancaster County, And even though the buffalo do not roam here, I’m humming ‘Home on the Range’ as we drive through farmlands and past buggies, far way from the huddled urban landscape of Philadelphia.


Horse and Buggy without the horse

Plain & Fancy offers two styles of eating: a la carte and ‘The Amish Feast.’ Capital letters and quotations marks all needed here folks.

Take a wild guess which we picked? The Amish Feast was a never-ending smorgasbord of food. Loosen your belt-buckle (or just leave ’em at home) and wear the pants with the extra room. Check out the link and menu for the reason why. The fried chicken is absolutely devine and we’ve taken trips out just for that chicken. The rest of it is just gravy.


Located right in the middle of Old City, it’s amazing that The Hubby and I have never ventured to this joint. We’ve eaten at or visited almost every other bar, club, restaurant and sit down with a 3-block radius of this place. But I swear, we’ve never even heard of whisper of Eulogy until our friend invited us for a late dinner. I must be getting old.

With a laid back, mellow atmosphere, opulent beer selection and deliciously yummy food, this was a great place for us to mellow out for the night and enjoy. If we lived down in Center City, this would definitely become our neighborhood haunt, if only to allow the The Hubby to try and drink through their extensive beer menu. And extensive it is. Pages. And pages.

Plus, if we could wake up to views like this every morning, who could ask for anything more?

Sky Line

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