the April 2010 event

April showers bring May flowers. But the DC Cherry Blossom Festival this year completely negated that saying, at least from what my little eyes could see. Pink and white blossoms everywhere. The Hubby and I walked for miles and miles around the Basin and through the National Mall. It was a gorgeous day just to be a tourist.

But crowded beyond belief. So much so that traffic was at a standstill around the Mall because they couldn’t move around the hoards of us pedestrians.

The Hubby, armed with his shiny new camera took a ton of pictures that I am just too lazy to transfer and upload. That best of a camera is just too much for me to bother with. Call me lazy, but I just don’t want to deal with the head. I’m fine with my little point and shoot, thank you very much. But one day I’ll rise from the lazy haze and upload the pictures. Some of them are breathtaking… the Hubby does have a fine piece of equipment.

Well several fine pieces, but that’s chatter for a completely different type of post.

Ahem. Moving on.

We travelled down for 2 days, 1 night, making a weekend trip down to D.C. Staying at the Westin, great accommodations for the price, but I think next time we may want to be a smidgin closer to the Mall just so we could take some scenic strolls at night. Always an activity that makes it on the ‘To Do’ but never quite gets done. Maybe next time. It’s only a couple hours drive from Philadelphia. If I were twenty, I would just drive down Friday night to take the strolls and make my way back home Saturday afternoon.

But I need what little sleep I can manage these days.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen at thirty.

But I never traveled this much without paying a cent when I was twenty. So age has it’s benefits. I hope I can manage more free travel in 2011, but I have a sneaking suspicion that 2010 was just a fluke.

But one can dream. More 2010 travels events to come. Hopefully, before the new year starts.

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