So in the vein of new year, new things, I’ve started to bring things back home, a sort of back to basics bootcamp for myself (like that alliteration?).

I opted for something simple and small to try cause you know there’s nothing better than turning a new page right to failure. So in combing through what little items I’ve pinned on my boards (they’re a bit bare right now but I’m warming up to it) I found directions for perfect home popped popcorn.

Perfect Popcorn sounded easy enough with delicious potential. I never liked the taste of microwave popcorn but didn’t snack enough on it to warrant the purchase of a popcorn maker (I’m cheap! Seriously). So doing this at home without having to purchase another kitchen appliance to store in the space we don’t have was oh so appealing.

Out I went to the local grocery store to buy kernels and canola oil. It was a pretty cheap purchase compared to buying the bagged microwave version. Maybe, if I feel nerdy enough, I’ll do the math to compare which is ultimately cheaper. Although, my labor costs being what they are, it might not be a fair shake.

In any case, results were much better than expected. I ate that entire bowl of popcorn to myself and left the Hubby high and dry when he came meandering down once the aroma wafted upstairs. I would say this was a super win! From now on, I will always make my popcorn this way.

*This post will be updated with a picture the next time I make it.

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