another plague on your house

I’m rounding Day 5 of what I’ve dubbed The Plague. I believe its round 2 this season so a big ole ‘Thanks!’ to the asshole who cursed a plague upon my house. Next time, lets at least give my Hubby at least one fucking round, ‘kay?

Well, that’s not entirely fair… I wouldn’t really wish this on anyone, especially a loved one, but I’m so tired of being wickedly sick. I swear I’ve produced at least my body weight in snot (which is no small feat, let me tell you) if not in excess. Within two days, I’ve run through at least a box and a half of the big box of tissues meaning I’ve blown my nose no less than 264 times. Today, the count is probably closer to 400. Day 3 started with aches worse then any car accident produced and at the end of it all, I’ve decided I hate Mucinex and will not touch it unless I am on deaths door.

Which, with the rate I’m catching colds, may not be too far off.

/ rant.

Sorry, it needed to be said. At this point, I’m still producing a lovely amount of mucus, can’t smell, can’t taste, behind on work and the house is a mess. All in all a very productive week for me.

Now if I can get back to my life, that’ll be just jolly.


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