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nano day 1

48,312 more words to go! Day One is under my belt and it only took 3 hours to get 1688 words on the page. If we’re going at that rate, it’ll be a long November ahead of me. I’m amazed it was so difficult to actually push out 1600 words. When I originally read that that NaNo estimate of 1667 words per day, I thought it would be simple to get the words but the difficulty would be the storyline.

Well slap me silly and call me Sally, but the most difficult part was getting the words on the page. With a mocking cursor blinking back at me more than I’d thought possible in a 3 hour time period (and yes, in my head, that fucking cursor is laughing at my inability to keep it moving and type a word), I now remember what a pain in the ass it is to write something. Writing something good or worthwhile is even harder.

Sigh. Why do we put ourselves through so much turmoil?

This is exactly why I think I preferred poetry and short story during college than the novel. Even an essay was easier to write than an extended piece of fiction. It requires so much effort and cohesion, I just want to throw my hands up in the air and go “Arghhh!” Why does it need to make sense? I don’t need to make any sense with my poems and I’m called enlightened.

What’s nonsensical in one is profound in the other.

Only 48,312 words to go….


So I’ve opted to actually do something for the next month. NaNoWriMo. It’s some form of nanananapoopoo, I did something you didn’t do.

At least that’s what I keep singing in my head this lovely Sunday. I figured I needed something to motivate me into actually doing something. If not there’d be another colossal failure to shove back into the closet.

I’m awesome at the short and brief and master of the unfinished. A god of the half starts. So taking this challenge on in November will be quite interesting. It will be an absolute terrible piece of work; I have no flipping clue on how to even begin a novel, let alone outline a story or even draft a character study. Will these people in my lines and lines of text even need names?

I guess only time will tell. Bring it November.